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Solid Wood Tops

When choosing a countertop material it's hard to beat the unique character of wood—a truly renewable resource. The environmentally friendly material has become increasingly more popular for designers who integrate solid wood countertops into their designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Some of the many uses include: kitchen counters, islands, vanities, tables, workbenches, and bench seats. 

Grain Pattern Options

Wood Types & Finishing

Solid wood tops can be made out of nearly any wood, or combination of woods. The following are a few samples:

Edge Profiles

Our two standard edge profiles are a simple hand-eased, or a 1/8" Round Over top and bottom, as show below.
Other options are available upon request.

Shapes & Sizes

Due to the custom nature of our shop, we can produce solid wood tops of nearly any shape or size.
Mitered corners and butt joints, either assembled or ready to assemble, are also available.

Finishes, Maintenance & Care

Classic Woodcraft can finish your solid wood top with a conversion varnish, which is suitable for non-food preparation surfaces, however, the majority of the tops that we manufacture leave our factory raw. This is due to the fact that wood countertops used for food preparation should not be finished with a solid film type finish, such as lacquer or varnish. Your wood countertop can be finished with a food safe mineral oil, or other "Butcher Block" finishes available on the market. 

Keeping a wood countertop maintained is a simple, easy process. but it's ongoing. If using mineral oil, we recommend rubbing your new wood top with oil every day for one week, once a week for a month, and once a month for the life of the top. Oil needs to be also applied any time the wood appears dry. 

Limited Warranty

Classic Woodcraft will replace any product found to be defective due to poor workmanship.
Value added to our product (finishing, freight, etc.) is not covered. 

Any component damages as a result of improper handling, finishing, or use in a non-controlled environment has no warranty.
Damage due to improper handling usually is a result from leaving the surface wet, (ie: around sinks) and/or not allowing wood to expand and contract normally by improper attachment to the supporting structure. 

Classic Woodcraft's limited warranty is valid for one year from date of purchase. 

Laminated Panels Information Sheet

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